"Do you swear your loyalty to the Old Ways, the Eliksni people, and the House of Tears?"

"I do."

~Pledge of loyalty to Kekal, Kell of Tears from Thera, Kell of Wolves.

A New Faction Edit

Kell of Wolves Edit

The Wolf Captain Thera, after a discussion regarding the loyalty of the Wolves taken in by the House of Tears, was granted Kellship by Kekal, Kell of Tears.

Wolf Hierarchy Edit

As Kell of a Faction, Thera was granted the ability to choose officers to ensure loyalty and help lead the Wolves. She chose two Barons, Jalyk and Dretyph, to assist in the Ruling of her Faction.

Other Facts Edit

The Wolves were granted a small Personnel Ketch from the Awoken as recognition of the change in Eliksni goals and behavior.