"They do not yet trust those who would so willingly seek to destroy their house. Their house is who they are, they are still loyal Wolves who would follow me, over you." ~Thera to Kekal before the founding of the Factions.

History Edit

Thera has been a Wolf for as long as she can remember, she was born, raised, and trained among the House of Wolves. She fought hard and remained loyal, rising to the rank of Captain quickly, but no higher.

She was unfortunate enough to be placed under the command of a Baron, she will not say their name. This Baron was unnecessarily rash and ambitious. He used his soldiers to better his political and military standing, he never promoted his soldiers, keeping them under his command until they died due to his extremely reckless battle strategies.

Capture Edit

After the House of Wolves' fall at the hands of the Awoken and their Queen, Thera became a prisoner of in the Prison of Elders.

Meeting the Tears Edit

Thera quickly gained admiration among her fellow Wolves with her undying loyalty to her House. She held this respect until she decided to join the House of Tears.

When she agreed to the conditions to join Kekal and the House of Tears, many of her former followers saw it as weakness on her part and refused to follow her orders after joining the House of Tears.

Becoming Kell Edit

Thera rose to power as a Kell under Kekal, Kell of Tears. This was done in order to reinforce the Wolves' loyalty to Kekal and his House. She was assigned to lead the newest 'Faction' that consisted of the members of the House of Wolves. She was then free to select her officers of her own free will.