"No more will we slaughter needlessly. No more will we be commanded by a paranoid coward too afraid to come out of his own temple. At this great disaster we will look to the skies and call to the stars. We will fight as Rain's no longer!" ~Selyk to the surviving Stealth Corp members in Riadra.

History Edit

Silent Sorrows is a group of Vandals that roamed the ruins of the Eliksni capital, led by a veteran Stealth Vandal, Selyk. Before The Whirlwind they known to most as simply the Rain's Stealth Corp, silent warriors trained by their ancestors in the ways of stealth and sword. In the days leading up to The Whirlwind, the Stealth Corp got to see more action that it's members probably felt necessary; they arrested and often killed potential assassins of the other Houses, many were Barons or Vandals like themselves.

The Whirlwind Edit

After the catastrophe that destroyed the Eliksni and sent many fleeing to the stars, the Stealth Corp found themselves alone and without purpose, that is until one of them, Selyk, stood up and called them to her, claiming that The Whirlwind that meant devastation to most, would bring about a new beginning to them.

The House of Tears Edit

The Silent Shadows was one of the first large groups of Eliksni to join the House of Tears, being that Kekal was made the new House's Kell. Kekal was found and taken in by the Silent Shadows, over time they grew to trust him as one of their own and Selyk even offered to let him lead the group in her stead. They were with Kekal when they stumbled upon the ruins of Riadra's capital building, the temple of the House of Rain.