"Is the Servitor functional?"

"Yes, my Kell."

"Good, the last thing we need is to run out of Ether while our cities are in shambles..."

~Kell of Rain to his Barons after The Whirlwind.

History Edit

For many decades, Sepkalyn kept the activities of the Rains' under its watchful eye, making sure they were well supplied with Ether, the life-force of all Eliksni.

The Whirlwind Edit

After the Whirlwind, Sepkalyn survived and was found traveling alone amoungst the rubble of the fallen Eliksni capital Riadra. With the aid of the surviving members of the House of Rain, Sepkalyn was led back to the Kell of Rain where it once again began supplying the Eliksni with Ether.

Relations Edit

Sepkalyn is loyal to the House of Rain, although his loyalty was transferred to Kekal and the House of Tears after the Kell of Rain's passing.

The Prime Servitors of all Fallen houses are build with special links that they can use to communicate with each other over hundreds of billions of miles, enough to communicate through the heart of a planet.