"It's been awhile since we came across a fellow Rain. Y'know what? Why don't you stick with us? You looked kinda Ether-starved after all"

~Selyk to Kekal before recruiting him into her group.

History Edit

Selyk was, for a long time, a Stealth Vandal. She played her part, remained loyal to her house, and was respected among her fellow Rain's for her skill.

The Whirlwind Edit

However, after The Whirlwind Selyk was left alone with only a few of her fellow Rain's. For awhile they thought they would die, Ether-starved and alone, in the wasteland of the Eliksni Capital. That was before they found Rahlin, an old House of Winter Ether Runner who had been forgotten in the haste to escape the dying Eliksni world. Selyk and her group struck a deal with the Servitor; Rahlin would grant them a portion of its Ether reserves, and Selyk would work to repair the damage done to the Servitor by the The Whirlwind.

Meeting Kekal Edit

At first Selyk was skeptical of their new acquaintance, she was suspicious that he might seek to assume control over her and her Vandals due to his superior rank. But he never did. Eventually, Selyk grew to respect Kekal and his knowledge of the old ways. his stories of the life she had all but forgotten filled her with hope that one day the Eliksni race would rise once again to its former glory.

Relations Edit

Selyk was once a part of the House of Rain's Stealth Corp, but this soon changed after The Whirlwind. Selyk found herself alone in an Ether-starved environment, struggling to find Ether seeds among the wreckage of Riadra. Later she allied herself and her group with the House of Tears under Kekal's command as Kell of Tears.

Personality Edit

Selyk can be stubborn and disagreeable to any who would meet her. However, once you earn her respect, one way or another, you may find that she can be as caring and loyal as any other.

She cares deeply for her group of Vandals, as she spent years upon years living with them. They became like a family to her, much more than any other Eliksni from the old House had been.