"I am sorry, great Kell of Tears. But my place is here. I must fulfill my duty as the last member of the House of Stone and avenge those who have fallen. However, I would like for you to know that if ever you seek my wisdom or feel as if you cannot go on. You can find me here. That is... Unless I am dead." ~Quatall turning down Kekal's offer of a place within the House of Tears.

History Edit

Quatall was one of the four Barons under the Kell of the House of Stone.

A Baron from the lost House of Stone. The sole survivor from the House of Stones' attack on Oryx. He lived on Mars with his squad until his squad was captured by the Cabal and experimented on by Pisons. He slated the Pisons responsible for the deaths of his squad and used the metal from their armor to forge a large Shocksword, Eltabul, Pisonbane. (Incomplete)