"I am Eliksni. I am strong both united and apart. I am equal and fair in the eyes of all, and will never strive for greed or anger. We are Eliksni. We fight together from our places apart. Through storm or apocalypse. We are Eliksni. Long live the Eliksni." ~A paraphrase from the Code of the Old Ways

A Code of Honor Edit

The Old Ways was a code written by the Elders among the House of Rain and enforced by those among the House of Judgement. These Old Ways kept the peace between the Eliksni Houses for the entirety of their Golden Age and bound them together as one. Kells were seen as protectors rather than leaders, Archons were seen as informants or messengers between the Houses, and Barons were little more than the descendants of war heroes and former Kells or Archons. There was no "docking" of these "dregs", all was just and good.

The Whirlwind Edit

After the Whirlwind, The Old Ways were all but forgotten to all but the House of Rain, who stayed behind to collet what they could of the Eliksni's lost history. They alone continued to follow the Code of the Old Ways and passed this Code down to Kekal and the new House of Tears, so that they might one day unite the rest of the Eliksni Houses under the Code of Honor that they once shared.

The Old Ways and the Exiles Edit

While it is true that the House of Rain was the only house left who followed the Old Ways. Some wished for it to be as it was, they became the House of Exiles on Terra's moon, Luna. They live separately from the other Houses, disgusted by their disregard for the Honorary Code of Old. They wait for one who will grant them their wish to follow the Old Ways once more.