"Just as my forefathers before me, I swear to uphold my family's pact to protect that which gives us life. Hail, Sepkalyn Prime!"

~Korak, swearing loyalty to the House of Tears' Prime Servitor.

Past Edit

Korak was born and raised under one of the two surviving bloodlines from House of Rain nobility. His ancestors are all known to have been protectors of their Prime Servitor, Korak was raised for that purpose.

The Whirlwind Edit

After the Whirlwind, Korak found himself, like many others, lost in the wastes of Riadra. However, unlike others, he was not only physically lost, but mentally lost as well. Korak began to blame the Kell of Rain for The Whirlwind, silently promising to end his reign as soon as he return. This vengeful determination did something to him, something that kept him alive, for better or worse. His family bloodline all had one trait: they did not need to consume as much Ether as any others. But Korak seemed to have taken it a step further, as his mind deteriorated, his sense of revenge grew stronger. His anger somehow allowed him to live in his current state without Ether for much longer than any other had in Eliksni history. This puzzled those who found him, as he was found completely depleted of Ether.

Rejoining the Eliksni Edit

Korak was unconscious at the time that he was found by a search patrol sent out by Kekal after the Kell of Rain's death. When he came too he claimed to have had a vision about Sepkalyn Prime, whom he swore loyalty to the next chance he got.

Becoming a Baron Edit

While selecting his Barons, Kekal was wary of Korak. While he did have noble blood, he was also quick to put down or discriminate those who did not agree with his claims. At times it seemed like he was more loyal to the Prime Servitor, than to Kekal, his own Kell. Finally, after consulting Dokalyn and the other Barons, Kekal decided to give Korak Baronship. However, instead of doing so for his bloodline, Kekal selected Korak for the way others saw him. Kekal and the others feared that if Korak was not selected as Baron, some of the Eliksni would refuse to join the House of Tears. So it was that Korak became a Baron of the House of Tears.