"Kekal... Come closer..."

"Yes, my Kell?"

"How is my daughter?"

"Dokalyn is... doing well, Kell of Rain... Why do you ask?"

"Kekal... My time as Kell of Tears is almost up. However, I have failed to appoint my successor... In my recent days, this thought has plagued my mind constantly. Now I have made my decision..."

"I will deliver the message to whomever you so choose, my Kell."

"No Kekal, you misunderstand... Do you swear to serve the old ways?"

"Y-yes my Kell."

"Do you swear to act for the good of the House, and for the People of our world?"

"My Kell... I don't understand-"

"Do you swear it?"

"Of c-course my Kell..."

"Then, with my powers as Kell of Rain. I name you, Kell of Tears, Savior of the Eliksni."

~Kell of Rain to Kekal, only moments before his death.

Past Edit

Kekal, before he was named Kell of Tears, was a Captain under the House of Rain. His main post was as a guard in the Temple of Rain, where the Kell, Archon, and Servitor of rain resided.

The Whirlwind Edit

After The Whirlwind, Kekal found himself alone, a common trait for an Eliksni at the time. He survived via a downed Ether Runner that was still capable of producing Ether, the life-essence of the Eliksni. It was not long before he established contact with small group of Vandals, the elected leader of the group being a Stealth Vandal by the name of Selyk. After much persuasion, Kekal took command of the small group.

Soon after that, they rejoined with the remaining survivors of The Whirlwind in the ruins of the Temple of Rain. It was there that Kekal was reunited with the Kell of Rain, and reestablished his loyalty to him. It was a short while after that that Kekal was appointed to the position of Kell for the House of Tears by the previous Kell of Rain.

Personality Edit

Kekal has never been overly boastful or ambitious. He is patient, kind (almost overly so), and loyal to his elders.

Relations Edit

Kekal, while working as a member of the Rain's Guard, befriended the Kell of Rain and his daughter Dokalyn. Later, after the collapse, Kekal survived in the company of Selyk and her Vandal group.