"I have waited for the return of the Old Ways for my entire life, I would gladly serve under your House, oh great Tears Kell." ~Veriks, the Loyal pledging his service to Kekal, Kell of the House of Tears, after the latter's arrival to the Reef.

Rebirth of the JudgesEdit

The Judgement faction is made up of Dregs and a few old Vandals from the other Houses. All taught by Variks, who was names Kell as soon as the Judgement Faction had enough members to be considered a proper Faction.

New Purpose Edit

In a way, Variks saw this as the beginning of something new, a way to set things right within the Eliksni people. He worked hard to teach his new followers the Old Ways and the ways that the House of Judgement had operated before The Whirlwind. Of all the Factions, his is by far the most successful, bringing back an entire House that had been previously thought lost among those not in the Reef.

Notable Members Edit

Variks, Kell of Judgement

Halyk, Judgement Baroness

Klyth, Judgement Baron

Seall, Judgement Scribe