The House of Tears is a group of Eliksni made up of what was once the House of Rain. They were delayed on the ruined Eliksni home world while trying to save what was left of their race's tattered history. After realizing that there was nothing left for them there, the last Kell of Rain used his influence to name the Kell of Tears, Kekal, with his dying breath.

Customs Edit

Social Structure Edit

As it is according to the Old Ways, those who would be considered "Dregs" of the other Eliksni Houses did not exist, the lowest rank you could receive was Vandal, the standard foot soldier for an Eliksni House.

Uniforms Edit

The members of the House of Tears all wear one similarity. The main color of their armor is a deep royal purple. However, the Factions all have slightly different markings. For example, The Wolf Faction is decorated with highlights of the Wolves original color over the purple of the House of Tears, they also have the old House of Wolves emblem on their left shoulder in addition to the House of Tears emblem on their right shoulder and backs.

Notable Members Edit

Kekal, Kell of Tears

Dokalyn, Tears Archon Priest

Sepkalyn Prime, House Servitor

Raknoran, Pilot Servitor for Oath of Unity

Selyk, Tears Baroness

Toland, Tears Baron

Korak, Tears Baron

Mission Edit

The House of Tears was formed to preserve the old Eliksni way of life, as well as bring the rest of the Eliksni Houses together so they are never again separated by petty rivalries. Kekal was assigned this duty by the last Kell of Rain.