The Factions were created by Kekal as a way to integrate the other Houses into a single group without ridding them of their Houses entirely. The Factions are not separate from the House of Tears, nor are they completely under it. While the House of Tears does indeed hold some kind of control over them, when they are not needed by the House of Tears they are free to do as they please. The Leaders of the Factions are given to power to choose their successors and command structure, much like a normal Eliksni House.

Noteable Factions Edit

*Wolf Faction, ruled by Thera, Kell of Wolves

*Judgement Faction, ruled by Variks, Kell of Judgement

*Winter Faction, ruled by Nokiss, Kell of Winter

*Luna Faction, ruled by the Council of Exiles

*Devil Faction, Ruled by Drakyl, Kell of Devils