"Dokalyn. Your father was the last Kell of Tears. He was both a friend and mentor to me. So I will ask you, in his name. Will you join me?"

"Yes. I will."

~Kekal requesting that Dokalyn join the newly formed House of Tears as the Archon Priest.

Past Edit

Dokalyn is the daughter of the House of Rains' last Kell. She was trained as an Archon since she was old enough to do so.

The Whirlwind Edit

After the Whirlwind, Dokalyn became saddened greatly by the loss of her mother and the nearing death of her father. However, she survived and took up the role of Archon priest in her mothers place, using her skills to increase the production of the last Prime Servitor's ether by twice the normal amount, strengthening the Fallen left after The Whirlwind.

Personality Edit

While Dokalyn is patient, the loss of her parents struck a blow on her mind. She has become increasingly strict among those under her command.

Relations Edit

Dolakyn was born to her mother, the previous House of Rain Archon Priest, and her father, Kell of Rain. She was aquainted with Kekal before and after The Whirlwind.